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Home is comfort and happiness in my own skin

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

I believe that the most defining features of my identity are my culture, religion, and values that I was brought up on by my parents. I view the world and the people around me through my lens as do most of us. I believe in the fluidity of identity and therefore I am always ready for the possibility that at certain points in my life the things that define my identity could change. I have seen my identity change ever so slightly with time as I experience life and living abroad. Hope this helps.

Home is where my friends and family are. While I define home as being in Kuwait I also know that parts of my 'home' could be with me in the States. Similar to a puzzle pieces make up my home and therefore home is where most of my friends and family are and where i can feel comfortable and happy in my own 'skin'. Short and simple answer home right now is between Kuwait and Washington DC.


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