Lama AlJarallah


ABOUT the project

Having lived in eight countries over the past 24 years, I've always been curious about the evolution of home and identity across time and space. I created BEITI is an online platform for sharing stories of Arab Middle Eastern displacement in the U.S.. In collaboration with KAMA DC, this project aims to unpack and explore meanings of home and identity for those who have generously volunteered their time to share their stories.


Everyone’s experiences of home are unique to their journey toward the present; in particular, the overlap between home and displacement provides a rich collection of aspirations, family histories, and life experiences which are always being reshaped during the resettlement journey. Re-evaluating home and identity through the lens of mobility, translocation, and displacement challenges standard definitions of home and citizenship. It provides a framework for understanding home as both an evolving physical space and an emotional, personal connection.


The politicization of migration and the international border regime - which coincides with the highest level of global displacement yet - makes this project both relevant and timely. Exclusionary immigration policies demand a rejection of bounded and antiquated imaginings of home and a redefinition of the conventional.


Tell us what home means to you in our forum or contact us to tell us your story!