What is Beiti?

Beiti is a community platform for sharing thoughts and stories through which the Arab diaspora can reclaim its definition of home and its right to define its own identity. Arab migrants' experiences of home provides a lens through which we can better understand the reality of home and identity in contemporary global societies. Project participants in the Story Gallery  and the Anonymous blog share narratives of perseverance, memories of frequent childhood relocations, experiences of war and peace, nostalgia for family and community, and gratitude for the homes they’ve created for themselves. Taken together, these narratives challenge bounded imaginings of home and Arab identity. 

KAMA D.C. is a platform for community classes led by refugees, migrants, and asylees based in Washington, D.C. Our classes are meant to be as diverse as the people teaching them, and attendance is open to anyone interested in a unique and intimate learning experience. Our past classes have included Afro-Venezuelan dance, Jordanian and Saudi Arabian cooking, writing workshops, and the fundamentals of grassroots organizing. Participating in a class does not require any experience or prior knowledge on a subject, just an open heart and desire to learn.

what does home mean to you?